Men's Night Out: It's Raining, Men! - June


Tell your husband, partner, father, brothers, friends, colleagues and adult sons ...

There is an urgent need for men to step up to become child advocates to Union County children removed from home due to abuse, neglect or abandonment and placed in foster care. 

Successful advocates and board members’ backgrounds include accountants, attorneys, dentists, federal agents, business owners, teachers, guidance counselors, brokers, retirees and more. According to staff, experience has shown time and again that a male presence has a powerful, lifelong impact. A child’s life improves the moment a willingness to care is demonstrated.

Said Executive Director Marla Higginbotham, “CASA of Union County is uniquely positioned as the only organization in the county that works directly with the courts, judges and foster system to ensure the safety and stability of the area’s most vulnerable: its foster kids. A consistent male role model male is not the norm for many foster youth and — whether in grade school, the throes of adolescence or facing aging-out alone — each would benefit tremendously by a male presence during such a tenuous time. Although the need is year-round, at CASA we believe the celebrations of Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month are perfect reasons to shine a spotlight on the men in our lives and all they have to offer the next generation. Today there are 600 Union County youth in care; CASA of Union County’s goal is to provide an advocate for every foster child that needs one."
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