A Mother's Heart Makes All the Difference - Mother's Day 2017

This Mother's Day, give a gift she'll never forget ...
or give in her memory because you'll never forget.
No matter their title, honor those who've loved you with a Mother's Heart.
When you donate to CASA of Union County in your loved one's name,
a special card will be sent to her, or her family. 

Your unique gift will not only make a lasting Mother's Day impression for those who matter most,
it will help those who need it most: local foster children.

Help CASA of Union County train more community volunteers to advocate for the best interests
of our community's most fragile children: 
those who have been abused, neglected or abandoned,
and placed in foster care. Help CASA of Union County in its mission to ensure every child
a safe and stable childhood full of love and worthy of daring to dream. 
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