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CASA of Union County considers its interns part of the family. We pride ourselves on the educational opportunity and view it as such. Internships include training and orientation, and focus on learning and developing new skills and gaining a deeper understanding of concepts through hands-on application in a roll-up-your-sleeves non-profit environment.

The non-paid educational internship includes assisting with recruitment and community outreach, grant research, training preparation, fundraisers, special events, database maintenance, social media and other duties as assigned. Interns must successfully pass fingerprint and child abuse background checks. Required hours and weekly schedule are determined collaboratively, taking into consideration the intern's school requirements and the organization's needs.

CASA of Union County welcomes interns year-round. To pursue the possibility of an internship, download an internship application here, and contact Lisa Poris at 908-293-8135 or
Some of CASA of Union County's recent dedicated interns include, from left:

Qiana: "Working for CASA really helped me get ahead for graduate school by introducing me to the field of social work and the advocacy perspective a social worker can and should have when dealing with clients. Being an advocate is more than just providing a service, it's developing a relationship with your clients and showing them that no matter what, you will be there for them. It means you will show up and fight for their best interests to be heard and to stay at the forefront of the situation." September 2015 - July 2016

Trish: "Before starting my internship at CASA of Union County, I didn't know which direction I wanted to go in my career. This experience has been life-changing." August 2016 - December 2016

Daniela: "What an unforgettable experience to have been part of the CASA crew. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work alongside CASA’s team and aid our foster youth community. As I apply to Rutgers for a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, I will always remember the need to support foster youth and will shape my educational path in their direction. The well-being and safety of every child is most important. I will continue to follow CASA’s footsteps in advocating for every child in need.September 2016 - December 2016
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